Fitz in the Morning Episode #121 Monday 10/07/19

What a beautiful Northwest Weekend! We talk about the Peaks and Pits of the weekend, including Bigfeet and Buhner! First Call of the Day: Carl from JBLM is heading to Florida to see Chris Stapleton.  What Are You Kidding Me: deer crashes through window of hair salon; woman taking goat selfie gets head-butted; ice cream stand in Equador selling guinea pig flavor; woman arrested for trading kid for 1992 Plymouth Laser. Meet the Winner of the BigFeet Truck: Casey from Fall City! Hourly Bulletin: Shooting in Federal Way is third in four days; meteorologists calling for unpredictable winter; copper thieves strike Mt. Rainier High delaying Homecoming; Mayor Durkan signs new renter protection laws; Sounders make playoffs for 11th year in a row; UW and WSU both out of Top 25 and a Cougs Defensive Coach resigns.The Fitz Files: Sly Stallone nearly beat up Richard Gere because they were both going after Princess Di; Joker breaks box office record; house from “Scream” available for Halloween party; Gilligan’s Island reboot hoping for Kevin Hart as Gilligan and Jeff Bridges as Skipper. The Good Stuff: LeBron James is caught on video giving a really encouraging speech to his young son who was feeling down for his performance during a basketball game. City vs Country Recap: You remember Josh and Miranda from Friday? (Seriously, how could you forget Miranda?!) Well they did go out, but it didn’t go well. Ringtone IQ: Ryder quizzes us all with goofy Ring Tone versions of famous songs. Troop Salute: Durrant Family of the US Air Force. Where Should Drew Move?: Drew is looking for a home on some nice land; where do you suggest? County Wars: The Battle of the Crappers 2: Honey Bucket Corey Vs. Portable Toilet Guy Donald. Warning: “Youngn+Shade” drop their latest hit song!