Fitz in the Morning Episode #123 Wednesday 10/09/19

Icy Windows? Yep! And are more cars crashing through buildings now, or are we just hearing about it more? What Are You Kidding Me?!: bride didn’t know groom was mic’d for video at the alter and talks about poop; someone unknowingly steals duffel bag full of snakes; carpenter shoots himself in heart with nail gun; ticklish man tries to get pedicure. I Don’t Know About You: Fitz wants a tattoo and Drew’s trying to talk him out of it. Hourly Bulletin: Seattle paying almost $1 million to Showbox owner to not tear it down; JBLM renaming medical facility for fallen combat medic. Seattle Fire says Ballard fire linked to electric system; inspectors find cracking problems on 25 more 737NG planes; guns seized from Redmond man after concerning Joker tweets; Kirkland is tackling their dog poop problem; Kentridge High Schooler Wins Seahawks Local Player of the Week; Richard Sherman invents diss by Baker Mayfield. Fortnight In Court: Canadian group suing makers of Fortnight calling it more addictive than cocaine. The Fitz Files: Bachelor Peter cut his face open; Miley Cyrus has “tonsillitis”; the Friends had dinner together; Harry and Meghan may move to Canada. $1000 Minute: Aaron from Bremerton and his mom Tabitha WIN $1000!!! The Good Stuff: a Bahamas animal rescue group just found a dog that survived a month trapped under hurricane rubble. All Jacked Up: Y’all are so jacked up we had to double up! Fitz is Fascinated by AirBnb: you can stay overnight in the Good Year blimp but it will be on the ground; so we’d rather do something like Air Force One. Troop Salute: Donald Kloepfel of the US Army. My Poor Momma: Mama Fitz reads some of Fitz’s hate mail. Secret Freakin’ Audio – Carrie Underwood sings “How Great Thou Art” and it is magnificent.