Fitz in the Morning Episode #124 Thursday 10/10/19

Wine Wednesdays means Slow Thursdays. First Caller of the Day: Mark from Mukilteo gives a shout out to his P1 Girlfriend Stephanie on her Birthday. What Are You Kidding Me?!: woman noticing burning smell from car hood finds squirrel nest; church women arrested for bingo cheating; design company makes “Jesus” shoes injected with holy water from the River Jordan and sells them for $3000; man successfully sues Johnson and Johnson because medicine gave him man boobs.  Who Are You Wearing?: Fitz asks what you’re wearing for Halloween and reviews the Top Costumes. Hourly Bulletin: state approves emergency ban on flavored vapes; La Conner schools suing Juul for promoting teen vaping; search underway for sex offender who cut off monitoring device in Tacoma; wild police chase through three cities; King Councilman proposes $1 million dollars to bus homeless out. Richard Sherman admits being wrong about Baker Mayfield snub; Zion Williamson having great preseason debut. The Fitz Files: Blake and Gwen buy house in LA, “Riverdale” deals with death of Luke Perry; Kurt Cobain’s “Unplugged” sweater up for auction. Garth and Trisha working on Habitat for Humanity homes with the Carters. The Good Stuff: a man is struck by lightning while walking his dogs; his heart stops but he is saved by bystanders who gave him CPR. Make Up or Break Up Follow Up!: We revisit with Jeff and Vanessa from a few weeks ago; he was mad she wouldn’t hang out with his friends and she said his friends were stoner losers holding him back. Jeff and Vanessa call in and catch us up. Jesus Take the Wheel: we go into details about the crazy car chase and take a call from someone who was affected by it. Playlist Profiling: Christine from Kenmore. Throwin’ Shade: Shade puts the smack-down on passwords!