Fitz in the Morning Episode #127 Tuesday 10/15/19

Fitz is looking fly after his SaIon Day! First Caller of the Day: Chef Brady can teach Fitz to cook. What Are You Kidding Me?!: Florida man calls 911 to report his roommate stealing his weed; farm robbed of 400 pumpkins; a dead guy had pre-recorded his voice screaming like he was trapped alive in the casket and had it played while they were lowering it in the ground; LA Kings fans think a Taylor Swift banner hanging in the Staples Center is bad luck. Country Song or Country Wrong?: Fitz tries to stump us with crazy titles of real – or not – Country Songs. Hourly Bulletin: Lakewood convenience store owner stabbed to death in robbery; Bellevue and Seattle are now places you’ll be broke earning $100k; evacuations in U-District after gas leak; burglars steal thousands of dollars in tools from school district; couples left scrambling after wedding venue in Everett closes suddenly.  Drew REALLY Loves Costco: We hear about a rare weekday trip to his favorite Super Store. The Fitz Files: Kelly C and Ellen D are fighting over guests; Disney has 3-hour long Disney+ announcement; Zoe Kravitz is new Cat Woman; Mrs. Bieber thinks Justin is spending too much. The Good Stuff: A Florida man learned hundreds of kids couldn’t get hot school lunches because of lunch account debt, so he paid off all the debt in nine schools. Make Up or Break Up: Michael from Issaquah has had it with girlfriend Chase violating the couples “Streaming Code”. Playlist Profiling: James from Snohomish is a tricky one. Trucker Tuition: The Bull and Taylor Driving School wanna give you a Class “A” CDL Training Course; leave us a message on the Bull Horn as to why you need it. Fitz plays a few of them.