Fitz in the Morning Episode #128 Wednesday 10/16/19

Fitz is a man with many questions; the rest of us have some answers. First Caller of the Day: Bobby from Darrington looking forward to her grandson’s Homecoming game this weekend. What Are You Kidding Me?!: family emerges from basement after 9 years preparing for apocalypse. Q13’s MJ misreads school lunch menu saying Marijuana instead of Marinara; mom catches kid using Alexa for homework; guy sets up cameras to detect paranormal activity but records himself farting. Listen to win: $1000 Neighborhood Scare Cash and Taylor Driving School CDL Training Course. WTH is Carrie Underwood Doing?: She says she has involuntary spasms when singing; Fitz makes Drew sing to see if it happens to him. Hourly Bulletin: Kirkland issues 3000 warnings to school zone drivers; council candidate saves life while canvassing; Issaquah has new school bus stop sign cameras; state considering gas tax by mile instead of gallon; Mariners only team to never make World Series; Roosevelt Golfer is Seahawks HS Athlete of Week. Starbucks Secret Menu: Fitz spills the Joker Frappucino. Fitz Files: Jennifer Aniston fastest ever to 1 million followers but crashes IG; Felicity Huffman in jail; “Grease” getting TV series and prequel movie. The Good Stuff: woman who had a child at a 17 and was told the baby died at birth finds out from DNA test that her mother had put the kid up for adoption; they were recently reunited. All Jacked Up: Come on, admit it! What’s Your Country Story?: Fitz wants to know what song brought you to Country Music. Troop Salute: Lori Hollman of the US Navy. Bosses Day: Fitz wants to know if you ever had a boss ask you to do anything crazy, and wow did you! Young’n+Shade: Our Country Super Group debuts their new song: “Achievement Unlocked: Played 10,000 Hours”.