Fitz in the Morning Episode #129 Thursday 10/17/19

Ever since Drew told Fitz new Ford Bronco info, Fitz is having trouble concentrating. First Caller of the Day: Carl from JBLM just got back from seeing Chris Stapleton in Florida. Listen to win $1000 in Cash 18 Times a Day and also a Taylor Driving School CDL Training Course. What Are You Kidding Me?!: Lyft driver picks up man running from arrest; man arrested for robbing house wearing only bra and panties; roadside brawl between two women dating same guy; family’s basement flooded with 5 inches of blood and bone from nearby slaughterhouse. Halloween Is Out of Hand: Drew says adults didn’t used to dress up so Fitz calls his Dad Green Beret Bob to verify. Hourly Bulletin: someone dropping stuff from I-5 bridge onto cars; community helping wedding couples left hanging by venue closure; Skyline High dealing with opioids; King County filing suit against JUUL; thieves hit Van Zandt Fire hall; UW serving beer at BBall games; XFL Dragons pick local guys; HBO back in Pullman for college football show. Dad Jokes: The difference is staggering! The Fitz Files: Elton John hates Lion King Remake; Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard reunited on big screen; Kacey Musgrave sings classic with Gloria Gaynor; CMT Awards tributes to Kane Brown’s late drummer. The Good Stuff: a police officer pulls an unconscious guy from his car on railroad tracks seconds before the car is hit by a locomotive. Make Up or Break Up: Mike from Bonney Lake says his girlfriend Sylvia is way too PDA. Drew Hates Gum: Drew thinks he had to throw out a pair of shoes because he stepped on some gum and Fitz thinks there’s deeper issue. Playlist Profiling: Jessica from Gig Harbor. Throwin’ Shade: Shade Battle Raps about Spider Season!