Fitz in the Morning Episode #132 Tuesday 10/22/19

We’re all abuzz about the “Star Wars” Trailer and Fitz is our Emperor. Listen to win $1000 Eighteen Times a Day and also a Taylor Driving School CDL Training Course! What Are You Kidding Me?!: Tupac is alive as a 40-year-old white guy; HS team suspended and coaches fired for playing suspended player under fake name; woman wakes to strange woman bathing her child; woman freaks over what she thinks is “ghost baby” in her baby’s crib. Claire Hates the Phone: Fitz and Claire agree talking on the phone isn’t fun anymore and they’d rather text. Hourly Bulletin: Redfin says Bellingham’s the new Portland; wreck with 4 semis blocks I-5; national trade organization files suit against WA for vaping ban; local pedestrian fatalities rise; 160 businesses blast Seattle City Council over crime; Everett pot shop robbed twice in two days; Sounders make MLS Semifinal; Seahawks injury update. Feelin’ My Phone: A new phone cover made from simulated flesh has Fitz intrigued, Drew is grossed out. The Fitz File; “Star Wars” wins Monday Night Football; Sailor Brinkley off DWTS; Keith Urban and Eric Church duet “We Were”, Alexis Bledel top celeb search that hits malware. The Good Stuff: A marathon runner who had “Jesus Saves” printed on his bib collapsed from an undiagnosed heart condition during the race and the runner behind him, a certified nurse, who did CPR saving his life, was named was Jesus. Make Up or Break Up: Clay from Maple Valley is upset Girlfriend Megan, who makes more money, pays for everything and spend-shames him. Playlist Profiling: Can we ID you from just three songs on your Playlist? Ghost Stories: Fitz wants to know if we believe in ghosts, and he and Drew debate the nature of bio-electricity.