Fitz in the Morning Episode #135 Friday 10/25/19

Oh Yeah Friday…and that means Bull Yah. What Are You Kidding Me?!: woman pops balloon of guy dressed as Pennywise for scaring kids; stories of people booby-trapping Halloween candy is actually a hoax; Kanye West says he’s the greatest human artist ever; store employee locks robber in closet. Ticket or Skip It: Drew Reviews “Black and Blue” and “Countdown”. Hourly Bulletin: two local schools closed today due to strike; Lake Stevens man fined for charity work; elderly Seattle couple’s house has been shot at 8 times this year; WA will turn back clocks despite passing a law not to because it requires federal change; train carrying soybeans derails in Tacoma; Councilwoman wants to move King County Seat out of Seattle. Sounders to play Conf Final in LA; Bobby Wagner close to team tackle record. Throwin’ Shade Redux: Shade’s epic Thursday battle rap against phones. The Fitz Files: “Hocus Pocus” sequel possible for Disney+; Brett Young’s a daddy! Kiefer Sutherland apologizes for inventing the Mullet. The Good Stuff: A woman posted a mom blog about a friend who drove 30 miles just to help her out, coining the phrase “On the Way Friends”, who will be in the car, on their way over, any time you need them. City vs. Country: Samantha from Redmond meets City Boy Doug from Lynwood and Country Boy Chad from Enumclaw.  CPR Country Pigskin Report: Rob the Original P1 from Bremerton runs down the top high school football games. Troop Salute: Three Fort Stewart US Army Soldiers Kill in Training Accident. Believe It or Not: Everyone has one of those stories that starts with “believe it or not”; this round is pretty, well, unbelievable. Fitz Interrogates Old Dominion! Weekend Party Preview: Claire has some of the cool stuff going on this weekend.