Fitz in the Morning Episode #137 Tuesday 10/29/19

He’ll be a Sexy DJ for Halloween: The Fitz! What Are You Kidding Me?!: Australia hunter thought he stepped on log but it was crocodile that bit him in the junk; new extreme sport in Norway “death diving” is a belly flop from up high; Nats fan who took ball in chest without dropping beer gets more World Series tix from Bud Light and his own t-shirt design; town angered when statue of Mary covered for Halloween display looks like ghost. Jessica from BB Nest Bakery checks in about last night’s results from the Food Network Halloween Baking Championship. Hourly Bulletin: Snap Chat alerts authorities to threat at local school; WA firefighters headed to Cali; feds looking for someone shining lasers at planes approaching Sea Tac; haunted house benefitting Concrete High robbed; Sounders play LAFC tonight in MLS West Final; Seahawks Britt done for year. Things That Exist Just To Annoy Us. The Fitz Files: John Cena donates $500K to firefighters; Netflix testing feature to speed up movies; Jen Aniston admits something is happening with “Friends”; Lauren Alaina still on DWTS. The Good Stuff: A guy fighting colon cancer who stopped at a convenience store on his way to his final chemo bought a $1 lottery ticket and ended up winning $200K. Make Up or Break Up: Marcus from Kent says his fiancée Toni has become a Bridezilla. National Cat Day: Claire and Ryder talk about theirs; listener Gerald calls to complain about cats. Playlist Profiling: It’s Russell Dickerson!  Our Phones Are Listening: Fitz says he’s getting ads for everything he looks at and we all have similar experiences; Fitz has us do an experiment where we all yelled “aspirin” and complained about pain and headaches into our phones to see if we start getting ads, so listen tomorrow!