Fitz in the Morning Episode #138 Wednesday 10/30/`9

Fitz thinks the World Series has been written by the producers of “The Bachelor”. First Caller of the Day: Stig is on vacation in Florida and listening on the App. What Are You Kidding Me?!: Guy sets Guinness record for tallest penny pyramid worth $10K; Dr. Jean’s new Halloween song; woman trying to exorcise cop gets tased; Cali has app for reporting roadkill for salvage permit. #SaveTheEggplantEmoji: Fitz is shook that Facebook Community guidelines are censoring use of the eggplant and peach emojis. Hourly Bulletin: Hit-and-Run driver dies after crash on I-405; SeaTac launches program to aid those with hidden disabilities; Paine Field investigating fake noise complaints coming from Director’s email; store owner conducts Magic Cards sting op; cougar spotted in Olympia; Gig Harbor cops looking for wig-wearing jewel thief; Sounders beat LA to Win West; World Series is very dramatic. The Fitz Files: HBO Max taking over world; Kevin Hart not suing friend over car wreck; Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp done; Khloe K skips Caitlyn’s big BDay. The Good Stuff: A 15-year-old Cancer Survivor in Utah puts on a haunted house every year to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation which helped him when he was three. All Jacked Up: C’mon, admit what you do when no one’s watching! Who’s Poppin’ Out of The Coffin?!: Ryder is back out at Van Ghoul’s Cemetery. OK Boomer: Millennials have new slang blow-off phrase for the older generation. Troop Salute: Robert Coryell US Navy. Insta-Therapy: Fitz wants your help with a listener who thinks her dead boyfriend is communicating with her through their dog. World’s Fastest “Beer Never Broke My Heart”: Anthony from Everett shows us his stuff. What Candy Can’t You Resist? Fitz asks us our favorites and we all enjoy Drew gagging over the very thought of Candy Corn.