Fitz in the Morning Episode #139 Thursday 10/31/19

Not sure if it’s a Trick or Treat but Fitz is dressed in an Eggplant Emoji Onesie! First Call of the Day: Vern in Bremerton has a rebuttal for yesterday’s “OK Boomer” story and calls Millennials “Minimals”. What Are You Kidding Me?!: Mountain Dew Voodoo is Candy Corn flavor; thieves bust into Halloween party with gas masks and steal dog; doorbell cam films delivery driver getting scared off porch by animatronic spider; woman comes home to find sidewalk gone. A Spooky Halloween Story from Fitz: mom using son while trick or treating to get into people’s bathrooms to ransack their medicine cabinets. Hourly Bulletin: major lane closures on Aurora Bridge; Amanda Knox getting advice column; Boeing CEO congressional testimony; UW researchers say DNA database is vulnerable; constant burglaries at Monroe charity-based store; Police issue safety warnings for Othello light rail station. Sounders will play for Cup in Seattle; Nationals win first ever World Series; The Dark Porch Club: Fitz wants to know what could be done to change Drew’s attitude toward Halloween. The Fitz Files: DWTS judge and host feuding over Alabama Hannah’s dancing.  Kane Brown welcomes daughter; Kevin Hart made Halloween fun of The Rock’s cringe-worthy 90’s picture. The Good Stuff: A wheelchair-bound kid has an amazing dad who build’s him incredible Halloween costumes and this year is an SR-71 airplane and pilot. Make Up or Break Up: Amy from Spanaway is embarrassed that boyfriend Brad has already fully decorated for Christmas and it’s still Halloween. Who Gets it First? – If we were all in teen slasher movie, which one of us would die first? Playlist Profiling: Hannah from Monroe. Throwin’ Shade: It’s Halloween and Shade lets it fly at tiny candy bars.