Fitz in the Morning Episode #142 Tuesday 11/

From Black Cats to White Vans it’s already been a weird week. What Are You Kidding Me?!: Florida woman has 30 days to get rid of her emotional support chickens; Russia claims to have lifelike robots; woman loses valuable ring handing out Halloween candy; MN college student trucking in and reselling Krispy Kreme gets shut down. The Black Cat of Giants Doom: a black cat ran on the field at Met Life Stadium during Monday Night Football and Fitz has audio from various announcers. Hourly Bulletin: invasion robbery at Sea Tac restaurant was staged; Seattle’s District 6 council race turns nasty; Seattle man’s death is being blamed on Vaping; Amazon deliveries could be coming to national parks; lBallots due by 8pm; black cat a bad sign for the Giants on MNF; Fife HS girl throws playoff TD and then wins Lacrosse MVP. The Fitz Files: McConaughey joins IG; Jonas Brothers have new Christmas song; DWTS recap. Lauren Alaina calls in and we talk about DWTS and her new music. The Good Stuff: a toddler who called 911 for a Happy Meal got a lesson on how to use 911 from a nice local policeman who did a required welfare check but also brought a Happy Meal. Make Up or Break Up: Mark from Carnation is upset that his girlfriend Jesse hasn’t deleted old boyfriend pics off of her phone and her cloud; she thinks he’s just insecure, what’s past is past and she likes the old pictures. Playlist Profiling: Jessica from Bothell. Sharon Osbourne Speaks Out: She doesn’t like the idea of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” as reinterpreted by John Legend and Kelly Clarkson; Neither do we!