Fitz in the Morning Episode #144 Thurs 11/07/19

It’s so chilly Fitz is wearing two hats! Fitz and Drew debate (again) whether the state is hiding lottery and weed money that could pay for road work. What Are You Kidding Me?!: man makes Popeye’s chicken sandwich into black-tie affair; young politician blasts elder statesman with “OK Boomer”; man gets vasectomy but makes wife ring from some leftovers; Oregon town wants to require horses to wear diapers in public. It’s National Men Cook Dinner Day – what’s your man’s best dish? Hourly Bulletin: Governor takes action after I-976 passes; Interim Lynden Police Chief dies from car crash injuries; Lacey’s utilities website hacked; Eatonville police warn of child luring; dog missing in Cascades 28 days found alive and well. Russell Wilson NFC Player of Week (again!); Shorewood Senior is Seahawks’ HS Athlete of the Week. Jimmy Dean Sausage Holidays: The sausage maker is offering sausage flavored candy canes, and sausage scented wrapping paper and Fitz plays their famous sausage complaint call for Claire for the first time. The Fitz Files: James Dean has been cast in a movie although he’s been dead for 60 years; POTUS reportedly in talks to do “Apprentice” reboot after he leaves White House; HBO giving away giant cardboard boxes so college students can binge in peace. The Good Stuff: Who is your Role Model?  Fitz asks for each of ours, and then tells us that the number one answer to that is Mom and Dad. Make Up or Break Up: Nikki from Bremerton doesn’t want to go to boyfriend Andrew’s parents’ for Thanksgiving because his mom hates her; Andrew admits it but says she needs to suck it up. Playlist Profiling: Victoria from Tenino. Throwin’ Shade: Shade blasts Daylight Saving Time!