Fitz in the Morning Episode #145 Friday 11/08/19

Friday started Thursday with the Pat Tillman Foundation Fundraiser. And now we Bull Yah! Ticket or Skip It: Drew reviews: “Doctor Sleep”, “Last Christmas”, “Midway”, “Playing with Fire”. Hourly Bulletin: Seattle and King County sue over $30 car tabs; Pierce County Sheriff searching for someone threatening planes; former Twitter employees arrested for spying; detectives suspect young Ted Bundy in 1961 Tacoma murder; Seattle Schools sue Juul; Sounders’ Pre-Game and Watch Parties; Seahawks’ new guys still injured. Innovative Ways to Start an Online Conversation: girl says guy “accidentally” messaged her about his grandfather dying and when she expressed sympathy, he hit on her. The Fitz Files: Chris Stapleton’s new Lego Video; Helen Mirren mistaken for Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend; Kelly Clarkson and John Legend’s PC version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”; CMA’s announce women for opening jam. The Good Stuff: We went to the Pat Tillman Foundation event and Claire got to witness a Marine Corps Birthday Ceremony with Drew. City vs. Country: Lena from West Seattle meets City Boy Dave from Renton and Country Boy James from Woodinville. CPR: The Country Pigskin Report has Rob the Original P1 giving us the High School Football Highlights for the weekend. It’s the 8th of November so Fitz plays Big and Rich’s beautiful song commemorating a tragic event of the day. What Are You Kidding Me?!: life-sentence prisoner who “died” from medical condition and was revived says he’s served his sentence and wants out; guy stabs himself to show love for woman. Hallmark Channel Check-In: Fitz and Claire reminisce about their love for Hallmark; Fitz describes the newest Christmas Movie. Believe it or Not: It’s hard to believe these stories are true, but, they are! Bull Yah! Part Deux: Wingnut joins us for an encore! Weekend Party Preview: Cool stuff around the Great Northwest.