Fitz in the Morning Episode #146 Monday 11/11/19

We are grateful to be here today and it’s all made possible by those who served. First Caller of the Day: Jim the Navy Man was at the Sounders MLS Cup Championship Sunday! What Are You Kidding Me?!: guy playing video games fights off intruder with LARP battle axe; Popeye’s workers remove unruly customer with body slam. Not All Thanksgiving Food Is Good: A list of thing people hate from our traditional meals. Hourly Bulletin: Places to honor Veterans today; seismologists measure shaking at Sounders Championship; Metro Bus hits building; Jeep lands on top of car; SR 99 tolling underway; judge rules Value Village misled consumers about charity; Sounders win MLS Cup at home, parade tomorrow; Seahawks on MNF, Gordon could play. Coash Pete calls to tell us some 49ers jokes. Throwin’ Shade: an encore performance from Thursday’s “DST” blast. The Fitz Files: Kevin Hart wins People’s Choice Award; Madonna sued for starting concerts late; Post Malone has $250,000 Dallas Cowboys medallion; trailer out for new “Scooby Doo” movie. $1000 Minute: Bob from Stanwood Wins! The Good Stuff: Dunkin’ Donuts honors a franchisee who is has 11 stores on US Army bases with the goal to get them on all 40 across the nation. City vs. Country FollowUp: Lena from West Seattle got together with Country Boy James from Woodinville, but it didn’t go well. Ringtone I.Q.: Ryder challenges us to identify some patriotic music but it doesn’t go well. Troop Salute: A Veterans Day Special Salute. Kip Moore Troop Salute Soundcheck Interviews: Fitz talks with several of our Veterans at the Sound Check Saturday. Young’n+ Shade: Our Super Group debuts a song about the Sounders and Seahawks. Monday Motivation: We have some motivating quotes to get you through your week.