Fitz in the Morning Episode #147 Tuesday 11/12/19

We are all happy/tired from the Epic Seahawks-49’ers Game. First Caller of the Day: Bree is having Friendsgiving this Saturday. What Are You Kidding Me?!: retirement community terrorized by pack of wild turkeys; man claims to find joint in Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich; two Oregon guys watching Alabama/ LSU fight and one shoots the other; if you played Mary or Joseph in a school Nativity play, you are more likely to become a high wage earner. Millennial Marriage: Fitz says Millennials are no longer spending on diamond rings and demands answers from Ryder the Youngin’. Hourly Bulletin: preparing for the Sounders Parade; three killed in Jefferson County car wreck; kayakers rescue pilot of downed plane; police hunt teen carjackers; police hunt women who stole purses from Bellevue Nordstrom. Seahawks beat 49’ers in topsy-turvy OT game; Sounders parade and rally today. Text the Truth – you tell us your darkest secrets and we’ll share them, anonymously. The Fitz Files: Disney+ launches today; Lauren Alaina remains but Sean Spicer is off DWTS; Keith Urban has a new Christmas Song. The Good Stuff: A man found two deer locked at the antlers on his property so he and a neighbor used a pole saw to cut the antlers apart to free the animals. Make Up or Break Up: Eric from Auburn is bothered at his wife Melissa’s really soft touch parenting style where she doesn’t discipline their son at all. Alex Trebek Update: Alex gets choked up when a player’s Final Jeopardy answer is “We Love You Alex”. Playlist Profiling: Sam from Buckley. Hallmark Channel Check-In: Fitz gives us a couple of details about “Christmas Under The Stars” and has us all guess the Hallmark-y plot details; we are amazingly good at it!