Fitz in the Morning Episode #150 Friday 11/15/19

Friday Yah? That means Bull Yah! What Are You Kidding Me?!: a former employee of the cheating website Ashley Madison is suing for $20 million because she developed carpal tunnel from having to write 1000 fake profiles for herself in a short amount of time; police in Sweden were called to a house for reports of screaming and banging and found a family frustrated putting together Ikea Furniture. Ticket or Skip It: Drew reviews “Charlie’s Angels” and “Ford Vs. Ferrari.” Fitz’ son Cooper is keeping him at night up with his incessant gaming. The Fitz Files: Pink says she is taking a year or two off to spend time with her family; Kanye West is going to appear at Joel Osteen’s Mega Church as a guest pastor. The Good Stuff: After being lost to science for decades, a species of tiny deer called the mouse deer has been found again in Vietnam. City Vs. Country: Diana from Newcastle meets City Boy Charlie from Ravenna and Country Boy Ron from Granite Falls; Charlie proposes a Rage Room and Ron has Big and Rich Snoqualmie tickets. A Real Life Harlem Globetrotter – Zeus McClurkin – visits the studio to talk about their appearances this weekend in Bellevue, Kent and Everett; Ryder the Young’n is going to play with them Sunday! John Rich!: we revisit yesterday’s interview with John, talking about his Whiskey, his appearance at the Klahanie QFC to sign bottles, and his show with Big and Rich at Snoqualmie Casino. Weekend Party Preview: we review all the places and times you can see Big and Rich and the Harlem Globetrotters this weekend.