Fitz in the Morning Episode #153 Weds 11/20/19

Hump Day! First Caller of the Day: Debi from Covington is glad to be alive! What Are You Kidding Me?!: three arrested for DMV get-to-the-front-of-the-line bribery; couple who lost home in CA fire makes insurance claim for 500 lb. Emerald; Air Bnb gets complaint over mean ghost advertised as friendly ghost. Kids Ask For The Darndest Things: A father shares his daughter’s $10,000 Christmas list; is spoiled or just very savvy? Hourly Bulletin: Kent Police find human trafficking victim during traffic stop; Northern Lights visible from Washington; last parts of Viaduct coming down; teens injured crashing into Walgreen’s loading dock; Surveillance Vid show Capitol vandal; cat missing five years from Portland turns up. Richard Sherman donates to local food banks; Philadelphia Eagles host HS game cut short by shooting. Time Magazine’s Biggest Songs of the Decade: Umm, we have a few disagreements. The Fitz Files: Tom Hanks related to Mr. Rogers; Emilia Clark won’t do nude scenes anymore; Grammy noms are out; are Hannah and Alan hooking up on DWTS. Northern Lights Explained: Fitz takes a call from UW astronomer Dr. Schlemmenheimer. The Good Stuff: A video of a toddler welcoming his daddy home at the front door shows how important dads are to their little ones. All Jacked Up: We all have those things that make us all jacked up; tell us yours! MeeMaw’s House Rules: Fitz reads us one Granny’s amazing holiday house rules. The Walking Drew: Fitz is concerned over Drew’s sleep walking after recent injury. Troop Salute: Lieutenant JG Thomas Logan of the US Navy. InstaTherapy: guy hesitates to take girl home over “roommate” that turns out to be his mom who he’s helping thru rough times. Is that a red flag?  Hallmark Channel Check-In: Fitz tells us the plot of another new Hallmark Christmas movie.