Fitz in the Morning Episode #156 11/25/19

Welcome Back from the weekend. Claire is off today visiting family in Savannah, Georgia but Fitz declares that he won’t let this become a “boys club” today. What Are You Kidding Me? America’s clumsiest robber trips three times on camera, but still gets away. A nail salon customer is disgusted when employees drag out an animal carcass and begin butchering it on a tarp in the shop during business hours. Later: A traffic reporter in Kansas City accidentally emails the entire corporation about being out sick, so newscasters across the nation wish him well on the air. The TSA says A fully cooked turkey can fly in your carry-on, but these Thanksgiving foods are OUT. Fitz gets our “Peaks and Pits” from the weekend. Hourly Bulletin: Seattle Fire Department wants people to give firemen space to work, and a Car chase left a Yelm police officer in the hospital. Fitz Files: We are recapping the AMA’s all day. From Taylor Swift’s award speech and performance, to Shania Twain’s “Singing” of hip covers. Our City Vs. Country Couple is back from Friday and they definitely did meet. We find out how the date went. Fitz’ son Cooper is in hot water for not checking in this weekend. Fitz tells us how he handled it and then we get a call from a young dad that appreciates Fitz’ technique. We get a troop salute for a great American and a Former President. We have a round of Insta-Therapy today, Beverly has an uncle who is always bringing strays to Thanksgiving dinner. Ryder reports some fake news about Monkey the dog, so we call the Cenex gas station where the crime happened. We end the show with some Monday Motivation.