Fitz in The Morning Episode #157 11/26/19

The Countdown is on to Thanksgiving, It’s still a boys club in here because Claire is already off visiting family. What Are You Kidding Me? A 31 year old guy created a dating app that any number of women can join, but the male list is a bit more exclusive. How are Millennials dismantling the ancient office tradition of “Secret Santa”? Later: A guy in Florida discovers that his “Don’t Drink and Drive” Bumper sticker is not enough to keep him out of jail when he hits the road intoxicated. The good people at Meals on Wheels save an old woman’s life when they notice she hasn’t been answering. But where is she found? Hourly Bulletin: Monkey the Poodle is back with his family after being stolen all weekend with the family truck. This story got very intense very fast. Amazon will keep the Macy’s Christmas Star tradition alive this year in Downtown Seattle. In Sports we find out about a monster deal the Mariner’s just signed with a first baseman who has never even played Double A ball. A Mount Vernon Home Exploded, Online shopping means our “Cardboard Footprint” is growing. The 49ers organization actually helped out Tyler Lockett in the hospital. Fitz Files: Who won Dancing with the Stars? Who was Justin Timberlake loving up on? And Who stole Bebe Rexha’s credit cards? Make Up or Break Up is on with Hannah from Tukwila who is fed up with Justin for doing What to her car. Fitz gets serious for a minute with the latest news on Sam Hunt. Is Bachelorette Hannah headed back to The Bachelor? Fitz plays us the preview that has everyone talking. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!