Fitz in the Morning Episode #157 Tuesday 12/03/19

Watching that Hawks game, felt like playing a game… but way more satisfying.  We get in to the Seahawks situation and we’re all buzzing about the game last night.  Fitz has even written a “#1 in the NFC” song to Lizzo’s “Good as Hell”. What are you kidding me?!: A little girl argues with her dad over whether the item she’s eating is a grilled cheese or a chicken Quesadilla.  And an emergency evacuation slide fell off of a jetliner and landed in a guys backyard? They Posted What?!: Fitz Listens to the craziest things listeners have seen posted on people’s social media. County Wars: Melissa representing the Fierce From Pierce takes on Snohomie Scott! We talk about how the Seahawks and their positive culture leading to success, then Fitz takes this positive moment to work in some goodwill with a Dad Joke. The Good Stuff: The tiny town of Fair Play, Colorado which has a population of just over 700 recently sheltered more than 400 travellers who were stuck there from the weather. Make Up or Break Up: Melanie from Poulsbo says her boyfriend Ryan got so drunk at Thanksgiving that he is banned from drinking for the rest of the holiday season. Could UW Football Coach Petersen Be headed to Dallas? Brad Paisley Thinks He’s Special is on tonight! What Are You Kidding Me?!: A potential potato shortage caused by freezing weather in Idaho could drive the price of French fries up!  A guy in Finland made an instrument out of hollowed out melons and plays “All Star” By Smashmouth?! Ryder is suing everybody! Will Frozen 2 Repeat The Magic? Fitz wants to know if the song from the new Frozen will repeat the success of let it go?