Fitz in The Morning Episode #158 11/27/19

It’s Thanksgiving Eve and we’re still here with a new show for you all. What Are You Kidding Me? Stay away from dad while he’s frying that turkey. We hear dad lose his cool when a little girl gets too close to the action. This is what it sounds like when the birds fry…Fitz wants to know if you can identify the sounds of turkeys frying. Later: Fitz lists the toy dangers to look out for this year. Then we hear about what is possibly the most disgusting crime ever committed. We have an early edition of Ticket or Skip it because it’s Thanksgiving and the new releases are out today in time for holiday viewing. Queen & Slim is an important movie, and Knives Out shows us a different side of James Bond and Captain America… Or at least the actors who portrayed them. The Good Stuff is ruined when Ryder delivers a dose of reality to Fitz. And yes we are still All Jacked Up, especially during the holidays. Drew calls a chef and nutritionist who is doing a cooking demonstration with Fitz in a few weeks. He needs to let her know that Fitz really can’t cook anything. Ryder may be taking legal action against a member of his family, but Drew and Fitz don’t think his case holds up. We have a troop salute and then we interview the band Old Dominion, who are fresh off their CMA win for Best Vocal Group of the Year. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.