Fitz in the Morning Episode #158 Weds 12/04/19

Fitz loves Whata-a-Burger so we call him WhataDJ.  What Are You Kidding Me?!: cop who stops to help distressed woman has patrol car stolen; average American spends $29k on snack foods in their lifetime; the Fart Launcher 3000 is the new hottest toy; new Cannonball Run record set at 28 hours. Ryder Getting in Shape: he’s sick and tired of being sick and tired so he’s getting back on the fitness horse in 2020.  Hourly Bulletin: King County launches program for homeless to clean up area; potato shortage could already be happening with Puyallup McDonalds out of fries; state outlines 90 projects on hold from I-976; police searching for shooting suspect from Craigslist meet-up. Mo-Pop honors Brandi Carlisle with Founder’s Award; Tacoma Self Storage now Tacoma Elf Storage.  XFL Seattle Dragons showcase uniforms; Reign Star Megan Rapinoe wins international award. The Fitz Files: Willie Nelson quits smoking pot; Jessica Biel on the warpath over Justin Timberlake macking on costar; Brad Paisley sings about why Hemorrhoids should be Asteroids. The $1000 Minute: Marci from Kent WINS! The Good Stuff: Claire met a couple on her flight and when the woman reached in her pocket she discovered a $20 bill that her mother had put there; although now an adult with kids of her own, her mom has always slips her a little spending money.  All Jacked Up!: Drew keeps a machete in his car. iPhone 11 Pro Max Winner: our low-key grand-prize winner gets a lesson in winning from “Stunt Winner” Shade. Fitz Plays Piano: self-taught Fitz wheels in his Yamaha 1170 XR. Troop Salute: The Renko Family. Insta-Therapy: a listener thinks her boyfriend’s dad is hitting on her married mom; we debate whether married people should ever go to a single person’s house.