Fitz in the Morning Episode #162 Tue 12/10/19

Ryder is fixin’ to go all Clark Griswold on his Christmas lights! What Are You Kidding Me?!: Vegas woman crusades after seeing pigeons wearing cowboy hats; man films a penguin that sounds like a donkey. Hey, is it cheating to kiss under the Mistletoe? Hourly Bulletin: suspect charged in deadly Parkland hit-and-run; cool new scale model of Space Needle; bomb threat closes state capitol; mother and son arrested for armed robbery; thieves use fake documents to steal luxury cars. Seahawks’ Rashad Penny out for season; “Decaf Metcalf” is now a real coffee; Huskies get the Vegas Bowl and Cougars get the… Cheeze-it Bowl? Patriots being investigated for filming the Bengals? Take a Sleep Walk with Me: Drew’s girlfriend found him standing by the Christmas Tree last night, asleep.  The Fitz Files: Steve Harvey may be vindicated in his latest mistake at Miss Universe due to backstage drama; Kim and Kourtney say Khloe isn’t doing enough; Vanna White hosting Wheel of Fortune; Is Gwen really leaving The Voice? Brittney wants better custody deal. The Good Stuff: an 83-year-old man has realized his lifelong dream of getting a Christmas song he wrote in the 1960’s played on the radio; we love it! Make Up or Break Up: we revisit Andrew and Nikki from Bremerton; Nikki didn’t want to go to Andrew’s family Thanksgiving because his mom is nasty to her. Well, she went…so what happened? Take The Hint Gifts: should you really buy people cook books, self-help books and exercise equipment? Fitzmas Wishes: Courtney from Sultan has nominated her friend Sophia from Everett who is a substitute bus driver struggling to make ends meet for her kids. Playlist Profiling: Brittney from Elma! Hallmark Channel Check In: Fitz and Claire are beyond excited for “Holiday Date” which trends into Hanukkah Territory!