Fitz in the Morning Episode #164 Thurs 12/12/19

Drew starts the day with an 8-year-old’s breakfast of Eggos! What Are You Kidding Me?!: neighbors complain when woman draws out man parts in Christmas lights on roof; Santa cocaine Christmas sweater is Amazon’s best seller. Hourly Bulletin: father from Amber Alert arrested again; Langley halts road work at request of local businesses; woman leads police on wild chase; man arrested for voyeurism in Auburn fast food restaurant; 5 teens connected to ammo found and Shorecrest High is back open; Seahawks sick with flu during loss to Rams and some guys still have it; Luke Willson begging to play after healing from hamstring injury but Pete’s cautious; Bobby Wagner nominated for Payton Award. The Fitz Files: Jessica Biel visits Justin Timberlake’s movie set to keep an eye on him; Survivor contestant kicked off for bad off-camera behavior; Lizzo kicked out by Lakers but invited by Rockets; Matrix 4 and Wick 4 have same release date. The Good Stuff: man goes back to low-income housing he grew up in and gives out thousands of dollars in toys to the families there now. Make Up or Break Up: Liam from Redmond won a cruise from work, but his girlfriend Erin refuses to go because they’d miss Christmas with her family. Whamaggedon Strikes!: Carolina Josh tells us how he got Whamaggedonned at home. Fitzmas Wishes: Mari from Auburn was nominated by her “Work Husband” Chris. It’s National Ding-a-Ling Day!: time to call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time; Fitz wants to randomly go through Drew’s phone and call someone but Drew balks. Playlist Profiling: Blake from Puyallup! Throwin’ Shade: Christmas Stress is getting to our favorite Battle Rapper.