Fitz in the Morning Episode #165 Friday 12/13/19

Frosty Fest Rocked, Drew’s out of town, and it’s Bull Yah Time! What Are You Kidding Me?!: creep hacks into babyroom monitor pretending to be Santa; guy sets apartment on fire trying to smoke out squirrel; Popeye’s chicken sandwich tops global list of most-searched-for foods; Grinch steals lawn decorations including some a little kid bought with his own little money. Ticket or Skip It: “Virtual Drew” reviews “Jumani: Next Level” and “Richard Jewell”. Hourly Bulletin: Leschi Elementary closed due to Norovirus outbreak; jury to decide whether state or contractor should pay for Big Bertha cost overruns; Renton police fatally shoot man who threatened them with gun and knife; Seattle can now triple the fresh fruit and veggie vouchers for low income folks thanks to cash infusion from sugary beverage tax; Patriots sign kicker who has never played football but is YouTube star for trick kicks. MLB to test for opioids and help with treatment but declassifies pot. The Fitz Files: HBO Max creating TV spinoff of “Vacation” called “The Griswold’s”; Eddie Murphy says “Coming to America 2” is really great.  The Good Stuff: a clinically depressed man who does kind things for others but himself struggles at the Holidays gets a surprise from a local college with a Christmas tree, gifts, and caroling.  City vs. Country: Jasmine from SeaTac meets City Boy Jim from Federal Way and Country Boy Tommy from Lake Stevens. Fitzmas Wishes: Michelle from Tacoma is a struggling mom of five. Five Minute Heroes: Fitz is upset because he miss his son Cash’s school recital due to of Frosty Fest; Cash is devastated and Fitz wants suggestions for how to make it up to him.  Fitz confronts Wingnut about why “Rockin’ Toots” was cut from Frosty Fest; Weekend Party Preview: Ryder tells us about Northwest Holiday Happenings.