Fitz in the Morning Episode #166 Monday 12/16/19

Drew is back, and we serenade him, whether he likes it or not (and he doesn’t!) What Are You Kidding Me?!: town rejects bid to install a solar panel array over worries they will use up the sun before the plants get it; 58% of Americans believe in aliens; guys run from angry wild boars only to learn the menacing sound they heard was a traffic rumble strip. The Peak and The Pit: we discuss the ups and downs of the weekend; Fitz’s kids have been ornery so the Elf on the Shelf is working IT; Claire loved the Issaquah Reindeer Festival; Ryder girlfriend almost got him buying her Christmas present. The Fitz Files: Taylor Swift goes off on Scooter Braun and “male toxicity” at the Billboard Awards; Bachelorette Runner-Up Tyler has scrubbed Alabama Hannah from his Instagram; the Rock has invested in NW ice-cream company Salt and Straw with his “Duanta Claus” character doing promo; Ronnie Dunn has a new album out and covers Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight.” The Good Stuff: We give more love to the Christmas song by 83-year-old Johnny Godnanson’s, “Christmas is Here”. City vs. Country Recap: Jasmine from SeaTac did get together with City Boy Jim from Federal Way Santa Con and it went, um, friend-zony. Hanu-Claire: Claire explains Hanukkah and the workings of the gift-giving. Fitzmas Wishes: Shannon from Marysville was nominated by Tia from Arlington. Our Christmas Pageants: Fitz has fond memories of his Christmas Pageant Days; Ryder played an elvis-obsessed elf named “Elfis”, Claire played a Tree, but somehow Drew was never in one. Monday Motivation: some motivating quotes to get your week started off right!