Fitz in the Morning Episode #167 Tuesday 12/17/19

He’s a husband, dad, radio host, and apparently an unlicensed acupuncturist, the Fitz! What Are You Kidding Me!?: truck full of M&M’s flips on TN highway; Japanese company offers “do-it-yourself” burial kits; Texas man arrested driving a car with a missing wheel; fan found dead in a porta-potty outside Raven’s Game. Hourly Bulletin: white van crashes into Burien store after robbery; Boeing halting 737 production but says no layoffs; director of Seattle non-profit steps down after hiring stripper for official event; former Pierce Housing director stole $7 million dollars; SeaTac to allow some non-ticketed passengers past security. .Seahawk’s Josh Gordon suspended again for substance abuse; Drew Brees sets records for TD’s and completion percentage. Claire Got #Whamageddoned!: she heard Wham’s “Last Christmas” with the Snohomies at the Lights of Christmas; Fitz was out last week so only Ryder and Drew are still in. The Fitz Files: new “Top Gun Maverick” trailer; Luke Brian pranks his mom; Mariah’s Carey’s Xmas Song is finally a #1 after 25 years; Brad Pitts went to Jen Aniston’s Xmas party. The Good Stuff: Actor Gary Sinise uses his foundation to take 1000 Gold Star kids to Disneyland. Make Up or Break Up: we catch up with Jessie and Mark from Carnation who were on with us last month when Mark was upset that Jessie hadn’t deleted the pics of her ex off her phone.  Ryder’s Lost Family: Ryder has a couple of lost siblings from his biological father and he’s trying to get in touch with the sister he’s never met. Fitzmas Wishes: Michelle from Monroe was nominated by her sister Megan. Playlist Profiling: Jessica from Auburn! Fitz is Learning Piano: Fitz rolls in the ol’ Yamaha 1100XR to show us what he’s learned in the past week.