Fitz in the Morning Episode #168 Weds 12/18/19

It’s “Answer the Phone as Buddy the Elf” Day and Fitz is doing just that; First Caller of the Day Blake enjoys it! What Are You Kidding Me?!: guy eats Chick-Fil-A for 114 straight days; Kansas wants you to move to Topeka. How Social Media is Ruining the Holidays. Hourly Bulletin: DOT recommending pay-by-mile system; family reports hack into Ring cam; woman from fatal police chase has court appearance; WWU receives largest donation ever; experts warn of heavy rain flooding in rivers this week; Seahawks rookie dinner at Daniel’s in Bellevue runs up a $17,500 bill; Russell and Bobby make Pro Bowl; signing day for high school athletes. The Fitz Files: Adam Driver walks out of NPR interview; Jake wins The Voice; Kim K photoshops North into Christmas picture after meltdown. The Good Stuff: a mom surprises her son by bringing their recently found long-lost dog her to the school pickup.  All Jacked Up: We all have those things that make us a bit jacked up – come on, tell us yours! Dating This Decade: Fitz and Ryder discuss the modern dating terms. Who We Miss At the Holidays: We each talk about the family no longer with us that we think of this time of year. Fitzmas Wishes: Dominique from Seattle was nominated by her child’s 1st grade teacher Miriam. So Long Renton: Drew talks about his feelings moving out of Renton and King County where he has lived his whole life as her prepares to move to Monroe. InstaTherapy: a listener is upset her ex wants to put his new girlfriend in his Christmas picture with her kids and she objects. Hallmark Channel Check-In: Fitz gives us a preview of this weekend’s premiere of “Double Holiday”!