Fitz in the Morning Episode #173 Wednesday 01/08/20

It’s Cresting Day but Fitz is worried cuz Ryder and Shade have discovered his secret hiding place.  In “What Are You Kidding Me” we learn 19% of people believe aliens are living among us; actually 75% of the people in this room believe it with Drew the only alien denier. We also learn Florida is overrun with monkeys with Herpes. Ryder has a cousin in Africa who is asking him to find her an American Boyfriend, should he? Hourly Bulletin: Seattle Public Schools are enforcing vaccination requirements; another car has crashed into a building; a landslide has stopped Amtrak service from Seattle to Portland; Pete Carroll says we will be seeing more Beast Mode this weekend; On the “Fitz Files we learn Ellen and Fox are team up for the “Masked Dancer”; Homeboy Ken Jennings wins the first round of GOAT “Jeopardy”; video of the “Bachelor” home visits has leaked with spoilers; Blake and Gwen are gonna sing at the Grammy’s; In the Good Stuff Fitz tells us about a woman who had two sets of twins IN THE SAME YEAR! We are all “All Jacked Up”: Fitz smells his floss, Claire examines her Kleenex, Christie in Snohomish who refuses to use the middle of the stairs because she doesn’t want to wear out the carpet. Insta-Therapy: Fran is a single mom to a 16-year-old boy who wants to close his bedroom door when his girlfriend is there. Today’s Troop Salute – HM2 Carey Johansen of the USCG. A guy found out his “girlfriend” was using him as a Sugar Daddy, so he took her to an expensive restaurant and ditched her with the bill.  Rascal Flatts is calling it quits so we talk about our favorite songs and Fitz fells us how they got their name!