Fitz in the Morning Episode #175 Friday 01/10/20

Welcome Friday! May we present you this awesome Bull Yah!! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories we hear a cricket player get hit in the junk by a pitch and scream very politely, a drunk guy calls the cops claiming someone stole his cheeseburger, and some basketball announcers make an incredibly inappropriate call. On Ticket or Skip It Drew reviews “Just Mercy”, “Like A Boss”, “Underwater”, “1917”. In the Hourly Bulletin we learn a suspect is in custody from a morning commute shooting, you’ll be fined if you don’t shovel your sidewalk in Seattle, a deadly crash has the State Patrol giving advice for drivers in snow and ice, and Governor Inslee mocks Tim Eyman. In Sports we hear about Coach Mike Leach’s new gig and get an update on the Seahawks’ injury list. In the Fitz Files we have more Royal Family fallout with possible Oprah involvement, Ken Jennings now has 2 of the 3 wins he needs to be the “Jeopardy” GOAT, Hannah could get another run as the “Bachelorette”, and Dan + Shay highlight some special young brothers. On the Good Stuff we hear how doing good deeds can actually be a pain reliever. It’s a Very Special City vs. Country as we revisit one of our past couples! Apparently voice mails and calling without texting first are now considered rude. Claire saw something that made her burst into tears because of a beautiful childhood memory with her Mom so she and Fitz talk about sense memories. Believe It or Not!? Carrie dated Kevin Jonas (cool!), Nick’s dad jumped from airplanes with horses (umm, no) and Justin says his brother-in-law is Will Smith (umm, definitely no). Fitz calls his dad, Green Beret Bob, with some Natural Light news, but it doesn’t go so well.