Fitz in the Morning Episode #176 Monday 01/13/20

We love you Seahawks! We talk about the weekend full of football, snow, and other drama in “The Peak and the Pit.” In the “What Are You Kidding Me” stories, a state representative introduced his wife as “smokin’ hot”, a thief broke into an auto repair shop and got trapped under tires, and a stupid Family Feud answer got a woman $10K in Popeye’s. In the Hourly Bulletin, school delays and closures, the state’s legislative session begins, and a woman confesses to killing her mother. In Sports, we dissect the Seahawks game including a heroic performance from Russell Wilson and inspirational words from Marshawn Lynch. Fitz squeezes in an adorable Dad Joke! In the Fitz Files, the Oscar nominations, Ariana Grande performing at the Grammys, and Jake Owen wrote a diss-track against Alabama Hannah. In The Good Stuff, we learn about a giant tortoise retiring as a mating stud after saving his species. A Japanese Billionaire is looking for love and offering a trip to the moon with SpaceX; would you go? We need your help with some Insta-Therapy as P1 Whitney got an expensive cat as a gift, but the cat died and she doesn’t know what to tell the person who gave it to her. Today’s Troop Salute is Don England of the US Army. Drew is getting ready to move so he’s letting go of old clothes; Fitz says he has tried that but finds emotional connections to them. Seahawks Game Breakdown: We discuss how Russell should be the MVP, Claire ugly crying at the Griffin Bros team sack, the annoying “Woo Guy” yelling in the first quarter, and our joy-turned-to-fear when Jimmie Johnson looked like he was having medical trouble in his NFL Hall of Fame surprise. We send you off with some Monday Motivation.