Fitz in the Morning Episode #177 Tuesday 01/14/20

Snow Day! We are here with our furry boots on (well, Claire is) and Fitz has a harrowing tale of getting stuck in the snow while trying to provide Sprite for his family. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories we learn the official name of Cheetos Dust, we hear about a base jump gone wrong into the arms of a sweet granny and some vandals who covered a car with cheese slices got busted because CSI can lift prints from processed cheese. The Hourly Bulletin is all about school delays and closures. In Sports, the Houston Astros fire their coach and GM in a cheating scandal that could also hit the Red Sox, WSU has a new Football Coach and LSU is the National Champion. Speaking of the National Championship, the Clemson QB looks like Spicoli, the LSU QB looks like McCauley Culkin and LSU’s coach talks like something out the “The Waterboy.” In the Fitz Files, Tim McGraw is getting destroyed for his bowl game performance; Adam Sandler is snubbed by the Oscars but congratulates his “Waterboy Mama” Kathy Bates on her nomination, and the hit Netflix show “You” has just been confirmed for a 3rd Season. The Good Stuff is about a kid in fighting Leukemia who returns to school to a standing ovation. Snow-Yah! Fitz throws us an impromptu “School’s Cancelled Snow Party” on the radio! What is Stressing You Out? Fitz has a list that includes bills and the dentist but then we steer into a talk about DNA tests telling you what’s wrong with you and Drew gets really, really dark on us. Getting to Know You: We talk about our favorite things about snow and our happiest cold weather comfort food!