Fitz in the Morning Episode #178 Wednesday 01/15/20

Snowmageddon or Nomaggedon? Either way, we’ve declared another Snow Party! In “What Are You Kidding Me” a man who didn’t know his 24-Hour Fitness wasn’t 24 Hours got trapped inside, a mom filming herself got her 3-year-old tooting into her camera, a 60-year-old drank 4 Four Locos and passed out while babysitting and girl has a rare condition that causes her to become completely paralyzed when she laughs or cries. What Monday Do You Fake Sick? MLK Day is the most popular, but we also discuss Superbowl Monday, 4th of July Monday, and Easter Monday. The Hourly Bulletin has your school delays and closures. In Sports, could Marshawn Lynch playing “part-time”, Chris Carson’s hip injury, and Cougar alum Steve Gleason gets the Congressional Gold Medal for his fight for ALS patients. In the Fitz Files, Meghan Markle’s dad could do her damage in her court case against a tabloid, Seattle’s Ken Jennings is the Jeopardy GOAT, Wendy William makes fun of Joaquin Phoenix’s cleft palette, and Billy Eilish is tapped for the next James Bond theme song. In The Most Valuable Minute in the Great Northwest, Julie from Seattle wins $1000! The Good Stuff is about a nature photographer who was out filming when he witnessed a speeding car flip into a freezing pond and rescue the people inside. Are You All Jacked Up? Cuz we are, and we want hear why you are, sorta. What Foods Do You Hate? Fitz has a list of celebrity food dislikes, and then we hear yours. Today’s Troop Salute is Daniel Kennedy. Yikes – January is Divorce Month! But don’t worry, Fitz has the red flags you need to look out for in your relationship. XFL is Coming… Do We Care? – Drew isn’t sure he’s interested in football running year round. Are You?