Fitz in the Morning Episode #179 Thursday 01/16/20

Does Fitz really make his Uber driver stop at Starbucks? In “What Are You Kidding Me”, we hear about Spotify’s new playlists for your pets, a guy pulled a knife over a bad taco, and people set up a bait bicycle to lure thieves and beat them up. Are You Keeping Up on the Newest Dating Terms? Fitz explains Flea-bagging, White-Clawing, Dial-Toning, and Caspering. The Hourly Bulletin has more school closures and delays and we hear about the citizen’s caravan to resupply Skykomish. In Sports we speculate on whether Jadaveon Clowney will come back and we hear emotional audio of Drew Brees and Cougar Steve Gleason at Gleason’s Congressional Gold Medal ceremony for ALS work. In “The Fitz Files”, the “Friends” reunion is on hold over money, Duchess Megan visits Vancouver charities and The Rock’s dad has passed away; he was a major WWE Pioneer. In “The Good Stuff” we hear about a Swiss company developing a machine that can keep a human liver alive outside of a body for weeks to aid in transplants.  In a Special Make-Up or Break-Up Follow Up, Melanie from Poulsbo calls to let us know what happened with her boyfriend Ryan who got drunk at her family Thanksgiving and was banned from drinking at Christmas. Binge Brags! Claire is watching the new “Lost in Space” reboot; Ryder is hooked on the Aaron Hernandez docuseries; Drew watches some British Thing, and Fitz is trying “You”. Drew’s Mortgage Broker Knows Too Much: Drew is buying and while he loves that the agent is a P1, it’s weird to have this guy knowing everything. Playlist Profiling: Wait, we KNOW her! Ryder’s Getting Recruited Whether He Likes It Or Not: Fitz is getting calls from recruiters, but Drew says Ryder’s not physically ready and Ryder agrees!