Fitz in the Morning Episode #183 Weds 01/22/20

We’ve all been staying up way too late! In What Are You Kidding Me we hear about an “Earth Sandwich”, the new TikTok Challenge eating cereal out of someone else’s mouth, Florida iguanas are falling out of trees, and a driver crashed while driving-while-reading-the-bible. Claire is Not Liam Neeson: she got an automated 911 emergency message from her niece, followed by an LOL cancellation, and froze over what to do. In the Hourly Bulletin, the first US Case of Wuhan Coronavirus is in Snohomish County, a deadly daytime shooting in Westlake Center; a State Rep may stay in office despite potential federal violations. In Sports, Derek Jeter is in the Baseball Hall of Fame and Bobby Wagner will sit out the Pro Bowl to heal his knee. Drew Is Deprived of Motherly Love: Drew doesn’t like Fitz calling his mom “Momma” and Fitz thinks it’s becasue Drew really doesn’t have a Mother. In the Fitz Files, the real reason for Megxit is Baby Archie, Taylor Swift’s mom has a brain tumor, Luke Combs will perform on SNL and Blake and Gwen’s new video has dropped. In The Good Stuff, a pizza man had his car stolen but a passerby who stopped the crime and then gave the pizza man his old car. It’s an “All Jacked Up” for the Ages! Insta-Therapy: Listener “Rob” got his DNA test back and it’s revealed something about his Dad. Troop Salute: Verdian Lee Fitz of the US Navy is Fitz’s Uncle. Ozzy Osbourne Has Parkinson’s and we hear an emotional interview with Ozzy and his wife Sharon. Hallmark Channel Check-In: Fitz and Claire still love the Hallmark Channel even when it’s not Christmas so Fitz tells us about “Hearts of Winter”.