Fitz in the Morning Episode #187 Tuesday 01/28/20

Just like Bill Gates, we are all big fans of Dick’s! Today is Dick’s Drive-Ins’ anniversary and Drew tells us how to get 19 cent burgers. In What Are You Kidding Me, a woman is arrested for calling 911 to ask how to get a divorce, a cop pulls over the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile, and a woman needed emergency surgery when her “toy” became lodged in her bladder. Our Chase Rice Story has Gone Nationwide! Fitz in The Morning is cited in “The Bachelor” stories US Weekly, People, USA Today, and many more for our interview with Chase Rice regarding his appearance on the show. In the Hourly Bulletin, a Bremerton Narcotics Detective is fired for stealing, Dick’s Drive-In is celebrating their anniversary with 19-cent burgers, King County Health Officials are monitoring four people for Coronavirus, and Swedish is closing 2 ER’s for a Nurse Strike. In Sports, we have the latest on the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash, the NBA postpones tonight’s Lakers/Clippers Game, and UConn honors Kobe’s daughter. Drew has a new love: the Mexican restaurant Moctezumas. In the Fitz Files, we are the stars of the “Bachelor” as the national press covers our interview with Chase Rice about how the producers manipulated him and distorted the facts; plus we talk about the girls’ trip to Cleveland and the reappearance of Alayah. In The Good Stuff, a little boy is fishing with his dad when he gets his first ever bite. On Make Up or Break Up, Ana from Enumclaw is upset that her boyfriend Walter is still going to Vegas to watch the Superbowl with his friends even though her dad is having surgery. On Playlist Profiling, it’s Sarah from Port Townsend. And we learn all about “Lizbians”!