Fitz in the Morning Episode #189 Thursday 01/30/20

Fitz is weirded out that we’ve discovered his secret pre-show hiding place. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a guy who lost his Fantasy Football league had to wrap his car in pink with his picture saying “I Am a Loser”, PETA wants to end the Punxsutawney Phil show, a kid came home from daycare with a note for his parents written on him in permanent marker, and a guy was arrested for calling 911 to ask the operator out. Let’s Get Kraken! Rumors are swirling about the name of Seattle’s new NHL team. In the Hourly Bulletin, Harborview has a patient in isolation for possible Coronavirus, a driver had a close call on I-5 with a pipe coming through the windshield, Snohomish County is reeling from a Property Tax Hike, and teen girls go on a statewide crime spree. In Sports, Russell Wilson and Ciara announce her pregnancy, and we dissect the NHL Team name rumors. Claire’s Crossword Daily streak has broken 500 consecutive days; why does she do them? In The Fitz Files, Vanessa Bryant speaks, Dog the Bounty Hunter has proposed to his son’s ex, and we review some of the pre-released Super Bowl commercials. In The Good Stuff, the CEO of Weather Tech bought a Super Bowl ad to ask people to donate to University of Wisconsin veterinarian program because their cutting edge research saved his dog. On Make Up or Break Up, Brittany from Bonney Lake is concerned that her boyfriend Wes Cries about everything. Are You Coming Down With the Superbowl Flu? 17 million Americans will call in sick Monday. On Playlist Profiling, we take on Dana from Graham. And Shade is not happy about all the exposure he’s had to “The Bachelor” and he expresses it in rhyme through “Throwin’ Shade”!