Fitz in the Morning Episode #189 Wednesday 01/29/20

Fitz is a World Famous Bachelor Dirt Digger! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a real life local superhero was caught selling drugs, a man goes around singing Bon Jovi trying to get people to join in, and a pregnant woman stole a truck and crashed it, sending her into labor! What is the Ultimate Super Bowl Food? A new list claims for Washington it is lobster dip, but we do it better by suggesting Ivar’s! In the Hourly Bulletin, Renton Police issue warnings after two child abduction attempts, SeaTac is now an official screener for Coronavirus; an extremely high number of applications puts the Washington Family Leave Program in a hole and Tacoma Police are searching for man who set a truck on fire with people inside. In Sports, some NFL teams had their Twitter accounts hacked and Vegas odds-makers is dissing the XFL Seattle Dragons. On The Fitz Files, it turns out Victoria F lied about something else on “The Bachelor” other than Chase Rice, Justin Bieber was afraid to propose to Hailey out of fear he would cheat, and Brantley Gilbert has a plan to intimidate his infant daughter’s dates when she grows up, with his biker buddies. On the Good Stuff, a 96-year-old HAM radio operator fulfilled a lifelong bucket list item when she spoke to astronauts on the ISS. On All Jacked Up, if you can do “laundry” with pets on the bed, this one is for you. Insta-Therapy: Brendan from Bellevue needs your advice because his boss is sleeping with girls at the office and he wants to know how to put an end to it without breaking the Bro-Code. Today’s Troop Salute is HM1 Daniel Langhorne of the US Navy. And Fitz has some little known factoids about Super Bowl 54.