Fitz in the Morning Episode #192 Tuesday 02/04/20

It is officially Flannel February and we all got the memo! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a sweet old dog likes to interrupt people when they talk by howling, a waitress refuses to evacuate her restaurant for a terrorist threat, two guys try to get pulled across a frozen lake in a plastic tub, and a new study shows men who own high status cars are more likely to be jerks. Drew Got Pretty Woman’ed at a high-end fixture store. In Hourly Bulletin, the King County Sheriff’s office is searching for missing teens, the downtown McDonalds is donating $20k to Seattle shooting victims, a local man with Coronavirus is out of the hospital, Pierce County home owners seeing double digit tax increases, and deputies help rescue a bald eagle in Skyway. In Sports, the Mariners give Marco Gonzales a new deal, and the Super Bowl NFL Play 60 Kid was from Seattle. Look Out, it’s a Dad Joke! In the Fitz Files, it’s a “Bachelor” recap including Alayah being gone for good, Kelsey explaining her alleged pill popping, and Peter explaining how he split his head. In The Good Stuff, KC Chiefs tackle Derek Nnadi celebrates the Super Bowl victory with a big gift to a local dog shelter. On Make Up or Break Up, Gina from Everett is upset because her boyfriend Sean suddenly shaved off his furry manly beard without telling her. Fitz won’t admit to whether he is the Llama on the “Masked Singer” but we learn both he and Shade know all the words to the “Americas Funniest Home Videos” song. Playlist Profiling: It’s Kaylee from Kent! Claire recounts the harrowing tale of clipping her the cat’s claws. In the Hallmark Channel Check In, Fitz previews some Valentine’s Day movies.