Fitz in the Morning Episode #193 Weds 02/05/20

Fitz got a crash course in setting up his Play Station for his little boy. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories: an empty box from China triggers a Coronavirus alert, the #1 thing women want for Valentine’s Day is chocolate, mac’n’cheese flavored ice cream is a thing, and two teens were arrested with a bag full of drugs labeled “Bag of Drugs”. Is Marriage Going out Style? We discuss that, along with buying houses and saving for retirement. In the Hourly Bulletin, sad update on missing teens, another car crashes into a building, a Coronavirus Quarantine Site is going up in North Bend and watch out for a stolen PUD truck. In Sports, the Seahawks interview free agent TE Greg Olson and there was a car chase along the Super Bowl parade route. Fitz plays a cut of the new Morgan Wallen, Diplo, Julia Michaels song. In The Fitz Files, Shannen Doherty has Stage 4 breast cancer, Justin Bieber details his drug history, Indiana Jones 5 has Harrison Ford, and science says Robert Pattinson is the most beautiful male celebrity. In The Good Stuff: a customer leaves a $5000 tip calling it his 2020 Giving Challenge. In All Jacked Up, people sure like to smell things. Our Trucker Tuition Winner James just graduated from Taylor Driving School and he calls in to tell us about it. It’s National Weather Person Day so Fitz has a list of pickup lines specifically for weather men. Is Fitz the “Masked Singer” Llama? Wayne Brady talks about the secrecy behind the scenes. Today’s Troop Salute: Jeremy Lewis USMC. Insta-Therapy: Anonymous from Lynnwood needs help with a girl he’s been seeing for 6 months who still introduces him as her “friend”. The Woodland Park Zoo has Jaguar named Fitz!