Fitz in the Morning Episode #194 Thurs 02/06/20

Ryder wonders is self-driving cars will lead to Country Songs about trucks leaving, so Fitz plays us Rascal Flatts’ song “Backwards”. Fitz is not the “Masked Singer” Llama – so who is? In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a restaurant offers seats with mirrors so you can learn to love yourself on Valentine’s Day, an angry football fan throws a shelf at her boyfriend, a company promises to change the weather for your wedding, and the owner of a dog food company ate only his company’s food for one month. Drew and his girlfriend are getting ready renovate the bathroom in their new home. Fitz has an update on the YMCA Kids Basketball team he coaches. In the Hourly Bulletin, flood warnings from relentless rains, a -involved shooting, a Marysville woman is quarantined on a cruise ship, the Albertson’s ceiling bandit has been caught, details on Seattle shooting suspects, and a dog saves a family from a house fire. In Sports, several local athletes have their eyes on the 2020 Summer Olympics. Fitz makes us feel old with a list of things that turn 35 this year, like “The Goonies”. Fitz and Drew fight over how much of the US Drew’s grandfather founded. In the Fitz Files, the “Bachelor” gang goes to Chile, acts out a Telenovela, and Peter keeps one Victoria and dumps one Victoria. In The Good Stuff, a convenience store gives people mini shopping sprees if they can answer math questions correctly as the owner says he wants to encourage math skills. On Make Up or Break Up, James from Lynwood moved here from Texas to be with his girlfriend but he hates the weather and wants to go back. Playlist Profiling is Sam from Orting! And Throwin’ Shade lets it rip on this relentless rain.