Fitz in the Morning Episode #195 Friday 02/07/20

Let’s take our minds off this epic rain with a nice warm, dry Bull Yah! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, Burger King will give you free Whopper on Valentine’s Day if you bring a picture of your ex, a TV station issues a memo asking men to stop wiping boogers on the bathroom wall, a kid is arrested for pranking a Wal-Mart saying he had Coronavirus and spraying people and food with Lysol and a reporter freaks while doing a snake story with a snake around her neck. On Ticket or Skip It, Drew reviews “Birds of Prey” and “The Lodge”. In the Hourly Bulletin, updates on flooding, school closures and delays, and police have arrested prolific Metro bus pickpocket. In Sports, Windemere Real Estate donates $30K to Mary’s Place after pledging money for Seahawks defensive tackles, and the XFL Dragons start tomorrow and there are several guys with local ties. If you missed Thursday’s Throwin’ Shade here’s another listen to Shade ranting about rain. In The Fitz Files, the “Friends” are getting more than $3 million each for their one-hour reunion, a Kobe public memorial is set for February 24th, and Funko’s Baby Yoda Pop is the bestselling pre-sale item they’ve ever had. $1000 Minute: Tabitha Wins! In The Good Stuff: A study of toddlers shows we are born generous and helpful. On City vs. Country, Samantha from Sea Tac meets City Boy Cameron from Tacoma and Country Boy Kevin from Arlington and its Yoga vs Snowmobiling. Fitz and his wife are recounting their journey to having twins with “Bethany’s Baby Blog”; today it’s “Episode 1: This One Felt Different”. It’s Garth’s Birthday and we celebrate by singing our favorite Garth song lyrics. The Weekend Party Preview has stuff for motorsports enthusiasts, paintballers and pancake lovers.