Fitz in the Morning Episode #196 Monday 02/10/20

Happy National Flannel Day! We are all celebrating and Drew is our King. In the What Are You Kidding stories, a Florida woman, ummm, need we say more, and free weddings at a Vegas Denny’s on Valentine’s Day. On the Peak and the Pit we talk about the highs and lows of the weekend including Fitz’s Burning Hoops YMCA kids’ team, Drew seeing Loverboy, Claire’s house getting broken into and Ryder going to an Art Walk. In The Hourly Bulletin, the latest on mudslides and flooded rivers, a Redmond veteran gets neighborly help, Graham’s first female firefighter retires and two valuable Bonsai trees are missing from the Federal Way Museum. In Sports, The Seattle Dragons lost but the XFL is really fun to watch. In the Fitz Files, “Parasite” was the big winner at the Oscars, Chris Rock took on Jeff Bezos, Billie Eilish rolled her eyes at everything and we have the Shut Up Awards for long speeches. Sam Hunt has a new song called “Hard to Forget” and we want to hear what you think of it. In The Good Stuff a new service lets you send positive uplifting messages to random people around the world.  On City vs. Country, Samantha from Sea Tac really did go out with City Boy Cameron from Tacoma, and not only did she live to tell about it, she had a great time. In Crime In Coupeville, mystery smoking, a girl fight, a deer in a fence and a missing cell phone. Today’s Troop Salute: Captain Rosemary Bryant Mariner of the US Navy. On Insta-Therapy, Ben from Buckley what’s to know if we think he’s being Catfished. And we send you off with some Monday Motivation.