Fitz in the Morning Episode #203 Wednesday 02/20/20

Welcome to Wednesday where one of us is somehow five days behind on Valentine’s Day. In the What Are You Kidding me stories, a man searching for his keys in his couch found a python, a man tries to pay his dinner tab with a trillion dollar bill, KFC is selling the world’s first edible coffee cup and studies show the safest place in a zombie (or real) outbreak is the Northern Rockies. “The Wrong Game” proves that Ryder is wronger than the rest of us. In the Hourly Bulletin, a missing Mason County boy has been found OK but police are investigating the circumstances, a Pierce County photographer accused in a baby-napping scheme pleads not guilty and King County wants to use fireworks to keep eagles from spreading trash at the landfills. In Sports, the Seahawks sign Pro Bowl Tight End Greg Olsen to a one-year $7 million deal. What is the Hardest Part of Adulting? We tell ours. In the Fitz Files, Ben Affleck tells us his biggest regret, a Kane Brown documentary is out, and Alabama Hannah Brown is trying to get on dating apps. In The Good Stuff, a woman’s now-deceased husband arranged to have Valentine’s Day flowers delivered to her in perpetuity. It’s “All Jacked Up” time and wow, some of y’all are seriously jacked up. Bethany’s Baby Blog Volume 3 – the continuing adventures of Fitz and Bethany’s journey to having twins. Today’s Troop Salute is Rod Hanson of the US Navy. Getting to Know You: Fitz asks each of us if we could only eat one burger for the rest of our lives what would it be, and where is the weirdest place we and our significant other have had laundry time; we all hope they are not listening at the moment.