Fitz in the Morning Episode #204 Thursday 02/20/20

Fitz wants a Nanny like Alice from the Brady Bunch and shoots down Claire’s suggestion of a “Manny”. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a pet groomer cut off a dog’s ear and tried to glue it back on, a guy has tattoos of every MLB team mascot, and two bar girls offer to flash people for cash, but when no one accepts they start stabbing people. Is Technology Ruining Relationships?; Fitz has noticed that Ryder is always texting his girlfriend and he has stats that show younger couples text, call, or message each other over 20 times per day but dn’ot communicate in person. What is Something You’ve Done Once But Will Never Do Again?; Some of our answers are a trip! On The Fitz Files, brace yourself for the dating/singing sensation that is “The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart”, NASCAR Driver Ryan Newman miraculously walked out the hospital Wednesday and Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd are teaming up for a sitcom. The Good Stuff is about Life Satisfaction, with Fitz reporting on a poll that says 95% of Americans are satisfied with their lives right now, up from the previous high of 88%. On Make Up or Break Up, Joanna from Bremerton is concerned that her boyfriend Dave hangs out with her group of friends, without her, while she is at work; Dave says there’s nothing creepy going but some creepy details emerge. Today’s Playlist Profiling is Bree from Graham! Fitz is offended by Drew’s comment on his physique and some man-sparks fly. And we’ll see you tonight at Snoqualmie Casino at our Watershed Big Splash ‘“Win ‘Em Before You Can Buy ‘Em” Party! Sign up for the Guest List on our website!