Fitz in the Morning Episode #205 Friday 02/21/20

We are all oddly obsessed with glow sticks this morning, so let’s have us a DJ Tony Schwartz Bull Yah Rave! In the What Are You Kidding Me Stories, a survey show people think “laundry” is an effective form of exercise and wear a fit bit while doing it, a mom of four took down a bouncer at a bar, and there’s a shortage of clowns in America. In “Ticket or Skip It”, Drew reviews “Emma”, “Brahms II” and “Call of the Wild” and we discuss happy and sad dog movies. How much do the Bachelorettes “Like” It? Jimmy Kimmel’s show edited together all the times the girls on “The Bachelor” said “like” this season and it’s, like, literally, like, amazing. In The Fitz Files, Marshawn Lynch is on Season 3 of “Westworld”, Macklemore is designing coffee for Dutch Bros and “American Idol” teases a gas leak that allegedly makes Katy Perry pass out. In The Good Stuff, we hear about a woman whose baby was delivered by two cops in a post office parking lot and named the baby for the officers. On City vs. Country, Robert from Tacoma meets City Girl Monica, who is also from Tacoma, and Country Girl Whitney from Roy. Bethany’s Baby Blog Volume 4 – the continuing adventure of Fitz and Bethany’s road to having twins. Believe It or Not has some pretty crazy but true stories from P1’s Cheryl, Jason, and Maya. Brace yourself – we talk sounds makes us cringe and Fitz gives us a sample of his Fitz ASMR channel and plays us audio of some of the worst sounds including a fork on glass and a cat coughing up a hairball. Thanks Fitz. The Weekend Party Preview has some cool stuff to do in the Great Northwest.