Fitz in the Morning Episode #207 Tuesday 02/25/20

It’s National Pancake Day and we’re fixin’ to send Ryder to get us a short stack! Are we causing the epidemic of cars crashing into buildings? Fitz plans to talk to Russell Wilson’s motivational coach who advised him to avoid country music. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, IHOP is offering free pancakes for life, a college team bought a plane ticket so they could go to the airport Chick-Fil-A, a man does a perfect impression of a motorcycle horn and a woman torched her RV microwaving a box of Oreos. In the Hourly Bulletin: a car hit a building in DuVall, Expedia cuts 500 Seattle jobs, another violent convenience store attack, a sea lion is found wandering in the woods, ANA Airlines orders 20 more 787s and Orting drops car tab fees. In Sports the NFL combine features several Northwest former high school standouts and TE Greg Olsen talks about why he chose the Seahawks. Fitz is concerned that Joe Biden is getting senile. In the Fitz Files, Victoria F, Hannah and Madison are in the home stretch of “The Bachelor” where it’s now pretty much do laundry or get out. In The Good Stuff, a school in started a Go Fund Me to help their longtime janitor buy a new truck because he takes 3 busses and walks 2 miles to work every day. On Make Up or Break Up, Tania from Auburn says her boyfriend Noah isn’t romantic anymore, and she is wondering what else is out there; Noah admits maybe he’s been asleep at the wheel. Drew’s home purchase is in jeopardy as he gets pummeled with paperwork requests. Playlist Profiling is Kyle from Silverdale. It’s Fat Tuesday, Taco Tuesday, and International Pancake Day and Fitz has us play the Fat Tuesday Game.