Fitz In The Morning Episode #209 Thurs02/27/20

Welcome to Friday Junior,  on this lovely North West morning, Where Cars keep crashing into buildings. In the What Are You Kidding me stories Krispy Kreme will start nationwide delivery on February 29th.  A Japanese company is releasing a Cell phone that won’t let you take dirty pictures and send them. We get Garth Brooks on the phone to talk about his ICON Award, but also what he thinks about the mental conditioning coach who told Russel Wilson to avoid country music.?Fitz asks what each of us would do if we won a massive lottery. We all say we’d keep doing this job. Claire is moving to Greece…. Unless she needs to be nearby for meetings and stuff. The FCC got 1300 complaints about the Superbowl halftime show.  McCauley Caulkin is joining the cast of American Horror show.  Mark Wahlberg’s daughter refused to dance with him at a school dance. A guy in Boca Raton, FL jumped in to save a woman who had crashed into a canal while having a seizure. Fitz wants to know how you get out of a car that has gone into the water. We have a special Make Up or Break Up Follow Up with Tim and Meagan from 01/09 .  Did Tim ever Propose to Meagan?  Did they Break Up because Meagan is too needy?