Fitz in the Morning Episode #211 Monday 03/02/20

Fitz has brought home some Magic from the Magic Kingdom. The What Are You Kidding Me stories has store shelves cleared of cleaning supplies over Coronavirus fears, a guy stole an ambulance to preach gospel, a guy who had an all-beer diet for lent last year is doing it again and a man found a squatter in his attic. In the Hourly Bulletin, local Coronavirus deaths, medical responses and school closures. In Sports, the Seattle Sounders won the opening match of the season, and the cheatin’ Astros are getting hit a lot by pitchers in Spring Training. Dr. Drew says the media is blowing the Coronavirus out of proportion. In the Fitz Files, Garth gets heat for wearing a Barry Sanders jersey after people thought it was Bernie Sanders, Miranda’s husband retires from the police force to be her security, Carrie has a new fitness book and app, and an 84-year-old Leap Day B-Day woman had her 21st actual birthday so Ryan Reynolds bought her his Aviation Gin. Fitz says February was the biggest month ever for dating apps because Coronavirus has people wanting to hook up before everyone gets infected. In the Good Stuff we hear a toddler start howling to get his Husky Dog to howl along with him and then laugh adorably when it does. On City vs. Country, Bill from Hobart and Country Girl Amy met, had a great time with their kids, and are looking forward to their next “Adult” date. The Continuing Saga of Drew Buying a House has him redoing a rotting porch to make an appraiser happy and falling on his butt. Today’s Troop Salute James Elder US Army. The Lil’ Miss March Pageant has Fitz testing our Spring Spirit. Monday Motivation has inspiring quotes to start your week right.